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2K Solid Color

Product Description
Famous Senior Car Paint AUTOTONE Autocryl 2K Solid Colors , Factory direct sale  Automotive Refinish Paint 2K acrylic Solid Colors
Famous AUTOTONE Car Paint, Car Refinish 2K Solid Autocryl Colors,  2K White, 2K Fresh Red, 2K Medium Yellow, 2K Lemon Yellow, 2K Dard Red, 2K Blue and so on.
AP-S610 2K White Acrylic Autocryl Solid color
AP-S620 2K Black Acrylic Autocryl Solid color
AP-S621 2K Extra Black Acrylic Autocryl Solid color
AP-S630 2K Medium Yellow Acrylic Autocryl Solid color
AP-S631 2K Lemon Yellow Acrylic Autocryl Solid color
AP-S641 2K Fresh Red Acrylic Autocryl Solid color
AP-S671 2K Yellowish Green Acrylic Autocryl Solid color

High quality 2K Autocryl solid colors with high gloss, good leveling, good coverage, high hardness, with very good weather resistance and hiding power. used for new vehicle refinish.

Alta calidad, colores sólidos de 2k auticryl con alto lustre, buena nivelación, buena cobertura, alta dureza, con resistencia a las inclemencias del tiempo muy buena y la energía de ocultación, usado para el nuevo vehículo repintado.

Mixing Ratio

(by volume)

Cociente de Mezcla

2K Solid Colors: Hardener:Thinner=100:50:20~30 parts

Sólidos 2K: Endurecedor:Diluyente=100:50: 20~30 piezas

Pot life

Vida del pote

Use up within 4 hours at 20 if mix with Slow hardener;

4 horas en 20 si mezcla con el endurecedor;

Spray Viscosity

Viscosidad del aerosol

14-19 Seconds at 20 DIN4

14-19 Segundos en 20 DIN4

Spray gun &

air pressure

Pistola pulverizadora

& aire presión

Gravity type:1.2~1.5mm  4Pa
Siphon type

Gravedad Tipo:1.2~1.5mm 4Pa
Sifón Tipo

Spray Method

Método del aerosol

2-3 single coatings, 40-60 um

10-20 minutes interval between two coatings /20

2-3 sola capa, 40-60 um

10-20 minutos intervalo entre dos capas/20

Drying Time

Tiempo secado


Dust free/ Polvo gratis:            30 mins,

Tack free/ Tack gratis:             2-3 hours

Polish /Polaco                   15 hours,

Drying Time

Tiempo secado


Dust free/ Polvo gratis:            5 mins,

Tack free/ Tack gratis:             15 mins

Polish /Polaco                   60 mins

Sanding/ Lijar

P800-P1000 wet sanding./P800-P1000 lijado húmedo



1LX12 tins/Ctn, 3.75LX4 tins/Ctn

1LX12 latas /Cartón, 3.75LX4 latas/ Cartón

Shelf life

Vido útil

5 years if kept in a cool and dry place

5 años si se mantiene en un lugar fresco y seco

S641 2K Fresh Red 001.jpgS641 2K Fresh Red 002.jpgS630 2K Medium Yellow.jpgS630 2K Medium Yellow 002.jpgS660 2K Blue.jpg

S631 2K Lemon Yellow.jpg

Autotone Silver Metallic.jpg

Packaging & Shipping

1LX12 tins per carton, or 3.75LX4 tins per carton

AUTOTONE paint Delivery.jpgCarton 1LX12pcs.jpgCarton 3.75LX4pcs.jpgCarton Packed.jpg

Our Services


1. Trade Assurance:
We promised to deliver your orders within 7-30 days upon your quantity since received your prepayment.

2. 24 Hour online After-sale Service :
We guarantee 24 hours online service for your question

3. We guarantee compensation if any damaged part occurred during transportation,

we help you to source new demand:

Company Information

We are one of the leading professional company with more than 10 years experience in designing, producing, wholesale and retailing Mechanical Machinery & Parts , Autotone brand car paint and other industrial products on reliable service for minimum2 years quality guarantee:

We have our own two factories for most products like Machinery and its parts, Autotone Car Paint, and we also wholesale industrial materials like PE Packing Film, PET spray empty bottles for hand sanitizer and other items etc.

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AUTOTONE paint Delivery


1.  Are you a factory?

Yes, we run two factories, one is machinery factory with machinery line and many small industrial products, the other factory is producing AUTOTONE car paint and car accessories.

2. How long can you deliver our order?

We promised to deliver your order within 7-30 days, usually 7 days are ok.

3. How to ensure the shipped safely?

We pack well protected in the carton, We guarantee compensation if any damaged part occurred during transportation.

4.  Do you accept OEM?

Yes, we accept OEM Customizing for the size, shape and color,  just tell us your requirements.

5. What is your payment term?

We accept TT% 40% prepayment and 60% balance before delivery upon our pictures for finished products for you.

Welcome to inquiry whatsapp+8613530008369 for any demand from us, Fast delivery and Guaranteed after-sales Service  in 2 years since your purchasing date.

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